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Scared To Meth: A Memoir

By: MeIAmHeOrHimOrHis


This is a story about the destructive power of Meth. You have to come to a place that will educate you beyond your wildest dreams. Just know, that the content is HIGHLY GRAPHIC and SEXUAL in nature, as well as filled with DRUG ABUSE. You probably don’t need those warning because it comes with the territory (and the title of this website should make it obvious what that territory is), but I just wanted to be clear.


This is NOT a place for CHILDREN (12 and under). 13 and up should DEFINITELY LISTEN IN though, regardless if your parents want you to or not. Sorry Mom and Dad (or Parental Guardian), but you can’t shelter them from the very real danger that is looking them right in the face. This will help them make good decisions early in life.



I am pushing the boundaries here. This is powerful and intense writing/podcasting, and it deserves yours, as well as everyone you knows, undivided attention. By listening in to what is taking place, then spreading the message, simply sharing it to your social media using the “SAVE A LIFE” BUTTON, someone who needs to be “Scared To Meth” WILL be scared to meth. The ones needing this, they thank you for sharing this. From the bottom of their undestroyed hearts.

To those that don’t want to share this, you are selfish and have no love in your heart for your fellow man. Especially since there are kids (teenagers, young adults) right now that are preparing to put an oil burner (the bowl you smoke meth out of, the image below) to their lips, thus starting them on the road to living the life I lived, the one described in this podcast, early on in their lives. Just now, they became ruined. They thank you for NOT sharing this. They really wanted to try meth, because NO ONE SHARED THIS TO THEM TO STOP THEM FROM MAKING THE WORST DECISION OF THEIR LIVES. I know, I know, a FREE SHARE is too expensive and DEFINITELY not worth your time.


What? You don’t want to save lives before they are lost? Are YOU going to help them get off dope? Good luck with that. Meth has them now, and it’s all because you didn’t want to press the “SAVE A LIFE” BUTTON that is looking you square in your face as you read this statement, so that they could get ample education. Don’t think that it is common sense to not do meth. Today, common sense is not that common. Simply telling a person what to do or not to do does not, nor has it ever, worked. “Because I said so” is the stupidest, and, even worst, LAZIEST response you can give to a person. Don’t be that man/woman. Step up to the plate and save a life.

We can talk about the problem as much as you want, but talk isn’t action. Action is action. I’m giving you the opportunity to take action. It’s so simple too. The “SAVE A LIFE” BUTTON is waiting to be pressed.


I have connected a Twitter account (19,000 followers) to this from a 2014 anti-cyberbullying campaign that I had started just before my Meth use. I took down 400 tweets and am reusing it for this. Reincorporation of the anti-bully campaign as we make progress with Scared To Meth will happen as this gains success, because I’m trying to do as much positive as possible here. Please help me get the other accounts as popular as the Twitter account! Thank you in advance! Share, share, share, share and SHARE! Saves some lives!