Authors Note – E01

This is the beginning of a journey that will save many lives and prevent so much heartache.


None of the books you may have read about Meth give a truly informative and detailed account of what really happens to your life. So, I’m here to detail the extreme. Believe me, you may think you are safe from it, but I have seen so many people that you would never expect to do Meth, get caught in its grasp and fall, quickly, all the way to the bottom. I myself included.

In this podcast, I will talk about literally 1000 reasons NOT to try it. Count them as we go.

I have made all of the mistakes possible to show you what happens at an extreme level of meth usage. Obviously, if you try it, have tried it, are a regular user or have gotten clean, my life is not yours, and you may or may not do, or have done, the things that I myself have done while on meth.

This podcast is designed to scare the living crap out of you. It covers the years 29-34 (five years) of my life in every highly sordid, disgusting, dirty, foul, filthy, repulsive, gross, and stomach-turning detail. It is my wish that every single teenager on the planet listen to this show, but I hope everyone else wants to know exactly what meth does, or can do, to a person as well. So please listen in.

This show is no-holds-barred, but I am and will do my very best to use politically correct terminology throughout. There will no cursing, or use of obscene/vulgar language. The content IS highly graphic though. You have been warned. Please do not let these warnings stop you from listening in. It is for your well being that I am laying bare this part of my life and I really hope that all of you, the listeners, take to heart the message that I am trying to convey here, which is, DO NOT DO DRUGS, but ESPECIALLY do not do METH!

If you would, please share this show using every avenue possible. This podcast may not be for you, but I promise that you know someone that really needs to hear my words. Don’t deny them a life free of meth. Just don’t. Think about others. If you do invite someone to listen in, make sure they start from the beginning, from this moment right here.

I have written most of this as a misery memoir that I am self publishing, and that memoir is available at The words that I am saying to you, I am reading directly from my book, minus this PODCAST AUTHORS NOTE. Please visit and click on the link “A Place to Say” to discuss anything that you would like to discuss with me. Feel free to leave a message for me and tell me what you think.

My name is Me!IAmHeORHimOrHis, and I hope that my story makes you “Scared To METH”

By the way, do you know what METH stands for?



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