Joseph Truax lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, a major thoroughfare for Meth in the United States.

The Kickstarter campaign for Mr. Truax’s memoir is prepped and ready for launch. His memoir is more than just a terrifying read. It is an educational program designed to DISGUST youths from ever considering the use of Meth.

Meth is the most addictive illegal chemical currently available. Within the last 4 years, Meth use has exploded amongst all classes of people. Sadly, and of great concern, Meth addiction continues to be becoming increasingly popular amongst teens across the country and has been for several years now. There are many theories about the reason behind this, all arising from conditions that teens frequently confront, including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and peer-pressure.

He says, “Sure, the youth of today may have read some glamorous novels, watched some glamorous shows and movies, more than likely read some articles that explain what meth does to your brain, and maybe in all of that, those programs moderately touched on the lifestyle, but these media outlets are not NEARLY descriptive enough.”

Mr. Truax is writing to PREVENT the use of Meth by those who are CLEAN, those who are being influenced/pressured by those who are NOT clean. Unfortunately, those who are NOT clean have no idea how far they are already gone, even if they’ve only tried Meth once.

To preview the Kickstarter campaign, you are invited to visit. http://kck.st/2FEZMeL

“I talk about the things that no other author wants to talk about in EXTREME detail. I describe the experimental sex, the prostitution, the different ways of doing the drug, the neglect of dependent children, the complete and utter disregard for anyone but ourselves, the fear and paranoia, using the internet to get dope, the time wasted, the “picking” and shadow people, being a phlebotomist (shooting people up), robbery, theft, and the total loss of inhibition which allows the acceptance of anything that happens to you,” said Joseph Truax about Scared To Meth, while talking about the book. “There is VERY LITTLE DIALOGUE in my memoir. I simply detail event after event after event. It’s gripping, and it’s terrifying. It’s disgusting because if you know a person who is, or was on meth, they are doing all the same things I’ve written about. Even if they say they haven’t, they have, they are just completely embarrassed to tell anyone,” he added.

For more info and to join the discussion, visit: Scared To Meth – Home | Facebook

“The book is not my only avenue to help either; I would like to speak at schools, I have been given the ability to speak, and I’m not afraid to stand and put myself out there to save a lot of people. The youth aren’t Scared To Meth until they are scared to death.”

To view his personal website which he uses for booking of the above said speeches, you are invited to visit: www.josephtruax.info

He finishes with, “That’s the scariest part; it’s presented as an awesome ride, but first-time users don’t know that Meth is a cargo van you can’t escape from. You are locked in the back of it with no seats or seat belts, and Meth is at the wheel. It’s going to take YOU where IT wants to go. It’s going to get sideways on two wheels, slam into other cars, hit pedestrians and animals, will probably drive right through your home, and toss you around the back like a rag doll. My goal isn’t to fix those who are broken by Meth, my goal is to stop anyone from ever being broken by it again. Can I reach them all? Not a chance, but can I try to reach them all? Definitely. And I am trying. I truly care about people. No one needs to live the life I have lived. I know that kids will still do what they want, because experience is the mother of all teachers, but if I can just reach one youth, I have done my job.”

Mr. Truax is highly interested in being interviewed and put into the spotlight so that the most awareness possible will be made about this campaign. Please contact him anytime for further information.

Joseph Robert Truax
Twitter: @joseph_r_truax (17,700 followers)



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