Prologue – E02

This is the backstory, everything leading up to the Chapter 1 – E03.


I had just turned 34 years old at the time of completing the writing of this book. The period that I am starting this off at is about a week after my 29thbirthday. I’d like to give you a brief summary of what my life was like prior to this writing. I have been through a lot.

My parents were divorced at 5, I was abandoned by my father at 7 and sent to my mothers, my mother remarried when I was 11 to a man that was abusive both physically and emotionally towards me, I started smoking cigarettes, and was sent to juvenile detention at 14, I was expelled from 3 schools due to my rebellious behavior, fought often because of being bullied, went to foster care at 15, went to Job Corps at 16, started smoking pot and drinking as well as lost my virginity at said Job Corp, went to the Army at 17, was ‘other than honorably’ discharged due to my conduct, got my first apartment at 18, went homeless shortly afterwards for not being able to hold a job, started doing cocaine at that point, then moved on to crack/cocaine, had to stay with a gay man for some nights and experimented with homosexuality, stole a car to get out of the cold, that car broke down and so I had to steal another car, went on high speed pursuit before crashing into a house at 90mph without a seatbelt on(taking no physical damage), went to jail, got out, failed at probation, got caught up with some people that were committing armed robberies, went to prison for 2 ½ years, got out of prison when I was 22 and met my African American ex-wife. At 23, after completing my parole, I slapped the phone out of her hand and received a felony battery, got put on house arrest, and then married her after the fact. I did 2 years of probation. During that time, at the age of 24, I started college. I ended up blowing my $31,000 worth of school loans on frivolous things like gold for my ex-wife and electronics for myself, and after another 2 years, at the age of 27, ended up getting into mutual combat with her, thus ending our marriage. I then met another African American woman who helped me get my divorce finalized, moved to a major city with her, continued college, and started my first business, which didn’t succeed. At 28, I got heavily back into crack/cocaine use, started building a video game with an investors’ money, lost all my own money due to my crack use, but completed my game. I went to rehab, did drugs in rehab and got kicked out. After this, just before I turned 29, I went back to my ex-wife, smoked a lot of crack with her uncle, started looking online for somewhere to go, and finally, 4 days after I turned 29, I met Lucy online.

Meeting Lucy in person is where this story begins.

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